Friday, April 4, 2014

Handmade gifts

I'm sure you have all read what an amazing upline I have with Christine Bellow aka The Stampin' Ninja.  Her direct upline is Stella McKay and Stella hosts meetings for her downline and also welcomes other demos that are not close to their uplines to join in and really experience the Stampin' Up! experience.  

The lady at the head of the table is not in our official "lineage" but her upline is on the other side of the country and she was so kind to bring us all our own bookmark with our initials on them. How cute is this!?!

I was just telling somebody that I am reading an actual book since it is not an ebook and I was needing an actual bookmark!  I love my Kindle but there is something amazing about curling up with a blanket, good cup of tea, and turning the pages of a great book.  Hope you get some relaxing time in this weekend!  Happy stamping!

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