Thursday, December 26, 2013

Printable for wood mount stamps

Do you LOVE the wood mount stamps but still have them in the old cases?  

You can purchase the NEW clear cases for your wood mount stamps and have your wood mount and clear mount stamps all in the same boxes!  This will make your stamps more organized and use less room when you place them on a shelf, bookcase, or wherever you store them.  The wood cases are the same as the ones that the clear mount stamp sets come in, but just thicker.  You can get the large wood cases for your wood mount stamp sets, or the 1/2 size wood cases for your single stamps or small sets.  When you stack the smaller ones, two of them equal the same height as the regular wood case.

In order to convert your old cases to the new cases, here is the ordering information:

Wood Mount Cases, Full Size:  #127551, $6.95 for 4 cases
Wood Mount Cases, Half Size: #127552, $4.95 for 4 cases

Even if you purchased stamps that did not come in a case like the single stamps, polymer stamps, Paper Pumpkin stamps, etc., you can purchase the clear mount stamp cases that are thinner.

Clear Mount Cases: #119105, $5.95 for 4 cases

When you convert your cases, there are inserts that you can print out so they all look the same on your shelf.  Here are the links to download them:

Now is the time to get your stamps organized and ready for lots of use in 2014!  Happy stamping!

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