Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stampin' Up! paper cutter

I am often surprised to find that many stampers don't realize the upgrade to the current personal cutter that Stampin' Up! offers. I only use their cutters because they are so much easier to use plus the accuracy is unbelievable. The old gray or black platform cutter that one can find in most craft stores would start cutting askew after awhile. It was caused by slipping the blades out of the middle of the clear cutting bar.

That's why this cutter has a channel at the top for you to ease refills in & out without compromising the cutting bar. Be sure to use it to help keep your cutter performing well. Hit the picture for a closer look.

I was talking to Ann who is another demonstrator on my team about this and she showed me the following tip. Remember that your cutting blades EACH have two sides. To get the most from your blades, put a mark on the side you use first. When that side dulls, remove the blade & switch to the other side.

When you use up the first blade & start on the last one, be sure to order a new pack of blades so you won't have any down time or frayed edges waiting for the next pack to arrive.

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